The Datacube
"In order for us to do a great job for our dealer clients, we rely on SelectQu to provide us access to DMS information. Now that DataCube has also entered the market, together we'll be able to provide dealers with a top-notch inventory solution."

- Brian Burns
  General Manager

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The DataCube Solution

As you know, dealerships need every competitive edge available in order to reach customers before someone else does. They need web developers like you who can optimize their web sites and organize their online inventory. But what if that inventory is inaccurate or not updated regularly? Worse yet, what if that proprietary information gets into the wrong hands? That's where we come in.

DataCube fills a unique niche. We specialize in all aspects of automotive data integration -Inventory, Sales, Service and Parts. From extraction through distribution, our team works directly with you to provide secure and reliable data that benefits your dealer clients. Together, we can make the dealer and his inventory more visible and help him more effectively reach car buyers who shop online.

    The DataCube Solution Includes:
  • Secure Data Extraction
  • Data Aggregation
  • VIN Decoding
  • Data Cleansing
  • Appending Media Content
  • Secure Data Distribution

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